jueves, agosto 21, 2003

"Most things that appear under a Mature Readers banner don’t sell huge numbers in the Direct Market,” Casey said. “There are exceptions, of course, but Wildcats doesn’t boast fan-favorite superstars in the credit box so we have to try and eke out our existence based on the merits of the material. In this case, it’s a different take on superheroes in the 21st Century executed with as much ultra-modern style as we can manage. Now, while this kind of material doesn’t always burn through the direct market stores, it always seems to succeed when a wider, more general bookstore audience can get their hands on it. To me, that’s what the trades are all about… reaching out to that bookstore crowd. Joe Casey hablando de Wildcats 3.0

Yo entiendo que los comics son una industria en crisis, que necesitan nuevos lectores, que hay que llegar a "cada niño y ama de casa en norteamerica", que hay publico mas alla del comic book guy de los Simpsons. Pero...¿es necesario que los autores hablen asi?. Mirenlo!, parece un directivo de marketing.
Me da un poco de asco.